When we talk about kids designer clothes, for their designer outfits or their designer wear then at the same time, if you have toddlers, a thing hit upon the mind. That thing is the toddler backpack. Toddler backpack is a bag which is of lightweight and can be hung over the shoulders of your toddler as it is easy to carry and to hold. When you have a toddler at your home then you often see him roaming around just walking and walking. He may not sit down calmly instead of when he is hungry or thirsty. For the cure of this hunger and thirst toddler backpack are designed. These backpacks have the capacity to hold and place small and lightweight things inside it such as snacks, chips, cookies or any other eatable. It also has a side pocket which is specially designed to place a water bottle so that your toddler may drink and also learn to drink water from a bottle. As toddlers are too small that of one and a half or 2 years so they also create a huge mess all over there where they are. So for cleanliness, a handkerchief and a pair or small packet of tissue paper can also be placed inside the toddler backpacks in Australia 

There are many factors which count for the selection of backpack for your toddler. The first thing is the size of the backpack. It must be compact as according to toddler size but it must have enough space inside it so that it may be equipped with all necessary things. The best range for the height of backpack is 10 to 15 inches tall. As the toddler roams all over the place so there are chances for backpack be dusty or dirty so while selecting a backpack material and stuff should be checked that either it is washable or not. Otherwise, it should be greasy so that spots may be wiped out easily. For safety reasons the bag must have two wide strands to hang over the shoulder and one chest belt so that it may not drop down or backward. Some backpacks have an extra feature that they have interior space for the label of a name. Skip hop zoo insulated toddler backpack is a type of backpack which is available in different animal styles. Bag and carry toddler backpack are attractive ones. This type of backpacks has a plush teddy bear or any other cartoon character over the frontal compartment of the bag while the central or main portion is used to accommodate the snacks. Yodo harness backpacks are eye catching and they have extra space inside it. Soyoung toddler backpack is parent friendly as it reduces their tension as these bags are made up of non-toxic material and are of at least 13 inches in size which means it has more capacity in them. Sesame Street Elmo backpack are the most favorite as the child have seen and heard the stories of cookie monster so they love such bags. toddler-back-pack