A chateau is a very complicated building structure. It’s design is uncommon and this means that most architects are not equipped to deal with the challenges a chateau’s structure presents. The external part is made of larger stones and boulders. The boulders weigh from one to two tonnes each. Some can be as heavy as three tonnes. The record for the heaviest boulder used for a chateau is four tons. Black coloured boulders are the most popular ones. Grey ones are a close second. The stones are often of the oceanic variety, although volcanic rocks can also be used for the purpose. They have to be transported from their place of origin. Their heavy weight presents a challenge. Later on, they have to be polished and the rough edges have to be smoothed out. For all these activities specialist transporters and masons are needed. Go here https://mnlht.com/  for more information about m&l reit. 

The first step for constructing a chateau on the park Christchurch on the park in Christchurch is to obtain permission from local authorities. This is important because not doing so is in the contravention of local regulations. Going against the prevailing regulations can result in fines and penalties. The exact amount of the fines or penalties depends upon the situation. The next step is to purchase the land for the construction of the chateau. Chateaus that are located nearby parks are very much in demand and this means that they cost a lot. The nearby availability of schools and hospitals also increased the price of the land. Land in the countryside can be obtained for cheaper prices. This makes them attractive from an investment point of view. Christchurch authorities are very supportive of investors. Chateaus that are located near parks are seen as heritage structures and the government facilitates their construction. For this purpose, grants and other concessions can be sought via a formal application process.

The next step is to engage an architect that designs the property. As mentioned above, now every architect Is qualified to work on a chateau. Only architects with previous experience in constructing a chateau on parks should be considered. The prior experience of architects is usually listed on the brochures issued by the architects’ respective agencies. These brochures are often available at the site offices of the architects. They can also be accessed online either on the architects websites or on a central database maintained by Christchurch authorities.

After engaging a qualified architect, the next step is to obtain the services of a reputable builder. The builder does the bulk of the work so the quality of service offered has to be top notch. The construction of a chateau on the park requires a collaboration between a number of different professionals, each doing their job. This makes it an expensive affair and the finances should be carefully planned.