When one thinks of a fence, the picture that comes to mind is of a wooden fence made of flattened planks. This is because fences traditionally used to be made of wood. Wooden fences are still commonplace in the countryside. This is because most people residing there made their own fences or source their fences from a single supplier. This is also because the raw material for wooden fences, timber, is readily available in abundant quantities nearly. This is especially relevant for places that have plantations or forests nearby. A number of different trees can be used for timber and their wood can be used to make the planks that make up fences. Wooden fences look graceful and are often the first choice of many people.

These days, there are many different options available when it comes to fences and timber fencing supplies Melbourne. One of the most common kind is a metallic fence. Metallic fences can be made of many different kinds of metals. Metal can be used either in their pure form or in the form of alloys. Iron fences are the most common type. The supplies for iron fencing can be obtained from a supermarket. For even cheaper rates for iron fencing supplies, wholesalers should be contacted. Often, hardware stores also have iron fencing supplies available.

Iron fences have the key benefit of being durable. Iron is a hard metal and this makes it naturally durable. Iron can be mixed with other elements to make it harder. This increased the life of the resulting fences. Carbon can be mixed in iron to make cast iron. Cast iron is ideal for usage in outdoor iron structures such as iron fences. Other elements when added to iron give it their own properties and make it more useful for one purpose or the other. Iron fences weigh relatively more than other options and this gives them strength.

Another popular option for fencing and fencing supplies is aluminium fences. Aluminium fences are relatively new and have only gained popularity over the past few years. They have the added benefit of being lift. They come in many colours and are easy to work with as they can be bent with relative ease. There is a huge variety in the shape and sizes of the structures involved. They can either be in the form of rectangular bars or they can be in the form of cylindrical beams. The choice depends upon the homeowners and ever person has their own preference. Aluminium fences and colorbond fencing in Melbourne are also water and rust resistant. They can withstand rough weather and are ideal for places that receive a lot of rainfall. Also, they are very durable and can withstand sunlight, heat and an arid environment. Their cost efficiency is an added benefit and has made them a budget friendly option.