Just like how you are concerned about every minor fact when you are searching for a day care for your kids the same applies for your furry friends. You should be very attentive and concerned when you decide which day care you want to take your pet. Here are some tips for you on how to choose the right day care for your pets.

Take a tour

The first thing you should do is to take a tour in the selected dog day care centres in your area. By the cleanliness and the management in it you can decide if it’s a well maintained one or not. Usually dogs are categorised into groups according to its age, activity level, temperament and sociability and they should be separated by gates. A day care should reflect the whole day of a pet hence they should have ample activities, exercise and even rest. There should be quiet areas for the dogs to snooze off a bit and blankets and pillows too. Make sure they have quality fences as if the outdoor area is not secured properly there is a tendency for your dog to get lost and you don’t want that. Click here for more info on dog day care Waverton.

Read reviews

Nowadays every business has their website and page. You can go through the review and ratings the customers have given them. You can judge the standards by the comments written by them. You can even talk to the previous customers personally and find out more information regarding the day cares.

Question the staff

You can ask questions such as the ration of staff to dogs, the usual practise is to assign 15 dogs per member to take care but it reduces to 10 when the dogs are actively engaged in playing. Just like that, you can question them regarding the way they handle dog training and dog behaviour and research the answers beforehand.

Screening procedures

All dog centres should screen the dogs they get before accepting them. They should establish the characteristics and behaviour towards human beforehand, hence a trial day before starting to board is important.

Find out where they walk the dogs

You have to find out if they walk the dogs outside too. Most puppy daycare in Sydney have large outdoor areas but some take the pets outside too. You can ask how many dogs are allocated to one member and the places they take your dog as well.

Ask about the daily routine

You can ask the workers about the daily routine of the pets so you can get an idea regarding the meal time and play time.

Discuss the policies

Don’t forget to ask about their infection control policy as it’s important.Now you know everything you should to find the perfect place for your pets, a place they will surely enjoy.