garden Maintained

It is human’s nature that he is charmed by the beauty. This beauty has also an ancient on the man’s personality and health. If we want to become healthy and active, besides exercise and physical activity, the relaxation of the mind is mandatory. This relaxation we can get from garden maintenance. The chirping of birds, the blow of wind, rustles of leaves and the blossom flowers spell magic on the site.  Garden has many beneficial effects on human health.

What is a Garden?

It is a plain or area which consist of flowering plants such as roses, jasmine, tulip, lotus having an artificial lake or a pond, and a sitting area or the lawn to amuse nature.

What is gardening?

It is the practice of growing plants on the land. It mostly contains ornamental plants including flowering plants, shrubs, vegetables, fruits, and many times herbs which can be used as medicinal drugs.

Main points or Steps Involved in Garden Maintenance:

To maintain the garden, we have to check on the following steps:

  • Regular check on the pests and insects: For garden maintenance in bendigo, the leaves are examined on the regular basis. If leaves are eaten by the insects or any pest attack the plant, their respective insecticides and pesticides are sprayed to prevent them from damage.
  • Watering the plant: As water is necessary for its photosynthesis, it should be provided by the gardener. But it is also mandatory that the leaves of a plant should be dry. Moisture may cause any plant disease.
  • Clean the weeds: For garden maintenance, it is necessary to clean the weeds. Weeds suppress the growth of the plant or May weak them so this is good to remove the weed from the soil.
  • Making edges of the garden bed: It is good if you make edges of your lawn and garden. It distinguishes the sitting area and flowering areas.
  • Use Of fertilizer: It is the key point of garden maintenance, Fertilizes fulfil its NPK nutrients. NPK means nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. Nitrogenous fertilizers are important for their normal growth. Nitrogen imparts a green colour to the plant. Potassium is the quality nutrient of a plant. It is important for the plant’s reproduction. Phosphorous is necessary for the plant’s growth and health as it is the component of ATP.
  • Seasonal Cutting: Garden maintenance is controlled by seasonal cutting. In the summer season, the plants may be burnt due to heat and in the cold season, its cell wall becomes freezes up that distort its cell membrane, and thus damaged the plant. Thus for garden maintenance, we have to cut 4 to 6 inches per season.
  • The gravel pathway: Beyond the garden maintenance, it is a good idea to pave the gravel path 8 inches wide to make our garden beautiful. For more information please visit our website