Modern country style is a decoration that is all about charm, sophistication and comfort living at the same time. There is no need to live in a barn to experience country charm. You can achieve that look by simply following some tricks, ideas, decorations to make your home a cozy country abode.

Wooden materials

Use of wood is the main element in modern country style theme. Modern country style interior design would not be complete without using wooden materials. Exposed beams, paneling and floor boards must be all made of wood. If budget is tight, you can use wallpapers with design prints like a wood paneling or wooden bricks. Barn style doors are perfect for the main doors and even cabinets. Wooden furniture is a must to complete this home style look. Baskets, rugs and other storage made from organic materials are good accessories to add on to your home especially in the living rooms.

Neutral colors

Simplicity is the key! Interior designers KEW will definitely use only neutral colors like cream, white, beige and brown in this type of home. Natural tones keep country style theme looks warm. Go for plain sofa without any pattern, wooden coffee table and wooden shelves for a more interesting edge. Everything in the house should have a purpose. You can add open display cabinets wherein frequently used items are very accessible.

Mismatched items

One of the signature look of country style home is having mismatched furniture. With a country style theme every things must look like they are just naturally put or place together. Some things that might have been passed on from your family generations as home collectibles are best to be display in wooden table consuls or wooden shelves. Try to avoid putting items that looks so modern and brand new. Check for items with character in flea markets or thrift shops for more decorative ideas.Mismatched doorknobs and closet handles especially on the kitchen can also add a touch of country style theme.

Patterns and checkered designs

Do not forget to add blankets, throw pillows, checkered or warm colored rugs for a more country living style.A patterned brick in bold and colorful design has to be present in the entire home.


You do not have to over accessorize a country style home. Remember that every detail in this type of home must have a purpose and not just there for display. Embroidered tapestries with plants and flowers can be a perfect addition for your home. Consider doing DIY handicrafts that can add personal touches in every corner of the house.