The number of car owners is said to multiply in every year. This article will help the new car owner on how to take care of their car or how to make it even better.

1. Check out your owner’s manual. It would help you to further understand how to properly use it.

2. Most of the contract of a brand new car includes insurance. Make sure to understand your options when it comes to your insurance since it would help you throughout the usage of your vehicle

3. Once a purchase is made make sure to keep all your receipts for future references.

4. Make sure to follow the instruction when will you need to go to an automotive service center for the car’s maintenance. You may visit an automotive service center for the oil, spark plugs wires, air filter or any engine related services. Schedules for this kind of maintenance vary with the cars mileage or the scheduled date itself.

5. Make sure to follow government rules in maintaining your car. In some countries with the different season, they require to change the type of tires during winter and summer.

6. Make sure to look for a cheap car cleaning Brisbane or do it yourself at home to assure regular cleaning of your car.

7. Make sure to do them every two to four years of regular maintenance for the following:• Change the Automatic-Transmission Fluid• Change the Timing Belt• Drain and Flush the Cooling System• Replace the Drive Belts and Hoses

8. Make sure to check the tire Air Pressure before leaving. It might be a simple task but it is one of the things car owner usually forgets. It would be very dangerous since it might cause an accident or it could be costly once your tire is broken from running it flat.

9. Packages are offered when it comes to car detailing in Geelong includes polishes, wax, Interior detailing or cleaning the interior thoroughly and detergents and degreasers. When you acquire this kind of package it could help your car aesthetically.

10. Never use your mobile phone while driving.

11. Consider a Dashcam installation which are very convenient and considered as a necessity for a car, since it would help you to provide proofs during an unforeseen event.

12. Another thing to consider for installation is a reverse car sensor. A reverse car sensor is a sensor that helps a driver to be alarmed on how near is the object from the rear of your car. Some cars even add sensors in front or the sides of the car. It would be very helpful to avoid crash or accidents.