Wondering how to make your party a memorable one? Well, for starters, it will take some effort on your side to give people an experience worth reminiscing. You can start by setting a theme and deciding the venue, once you have these to aspects in mind, then you can start thinking of various ways to engage your audience. Also, we have some ideas in store for you.

Live entertainment ideas that your guests will like

  • A live show
    It could be your usual dance show or a singing gig, but if you’d like to take things further then you can engage the guests with some magic tricks or even fire tricks for that matter. Something that helps people gets engaged with the party and also gets the party going.Here, you can opt for something traditional or regional that people enjoy. Maybe quiz nights Sydney or a dance form or a singing style that will be appreciated by the people present. It is necessary that one keeps in mind the entertainment of the audience.
  • Play games
    Even ‘Truth and Dare’ makes for an enticing party game. You can surely go beyond these and enjoy other games be it card games, board games, guess-it-out games, and other fun stuff. These games really help people to open up and bond. Mission accomplished!
  • A firework show (suitable for outdoor parties)
    What can be a better way to lighten things up than fireworks? For sure, you will have to take the help of professionals and make sure that all rules of fire safety are complied with; this is a spectacular idea with which you can either start or end an event/ party. This can be coupled with cool pub trivia nights.
  • Plan the perfect photo-shoot or set-up a photo wall
    In this tech-savvy generation of hash tags and selfies, you surely would want to give your guests some memorable memories to take home in the form of pictures. What can be a better way than creating a designated photo spot where people can thoroughly enjoy themselves? Provide them with certain props and you have entertainment on the go.
  • Illusionist
    This is the current fad. Calling an illusionist for your party who can boggle the minds of the guests and attendees with mesmerizing tricks that’d make it worthwhile to attend and enjoy.
    In earnest, the live entertainment ideas depend on the target audience. The people who are going to attend the party, keeping this in mind if the entertainment plans are made then the efforts would definitely be fruitful and fun!